Computational Material Science. University of Oviedo.

Specialized in the simulation of structural, magnetic and transport properties of advanced materials by means of electronic structure calculations that use ab-initio codes based on DFT (Density Functional Theory). Our input is relevant to the computational characterization and design of highly demanding materials with engineering applications by means of multiscale modelling techniques.


  • Members: Roberto Iglesias Pastrana, María Ángeles Cerdeira, Sergio Luis Palacios, Darío Fernández-Pello, Sergio García González.

Research lines:

  • Characterization and applications of magnetic materials, both experimental X-ray and neutron diffraction and magnetometric studies, and theoretically, by simulating their structural and magnetic properties using ab initio codes.
  • Characterization of structural, magnetic and transport properties of advanced materials with engineering applications in extreme conditions, both computational codes by applying DFT (Density Functional Theory), and experimental techniques using synchrotron radiation and neutron techniques.
  • New advanced materials with applications in energy industries of fusion and nuclear fission, automotive, aerospace and heavy industry.

Research projects:

  • "Desarrollo instrumental en técnicas de análisis directo de materiales y evaluación de estrategias en el tratamiento de datos" MICINN 10-MAT 2010-20921-CO2-02
  • "Materiales para HiPER-ESFRI planta de potencia por fusión laser (MATFUSLA)" MICINN
  • "Acción complementaria para proyectos de investigación fundamental no orientada 2011: IRRADIATION, CHARACTERIZATION AND MODELLING OF NEW MATERIALS FOR INERTIAL AND MAGNETIC FUSION (IMAGINE)" MICINN
  • "Desarrollo y caracterización de materiales nanoestructurados para operación bajo condiciones extremas en sistemas de generación de energía (NANO-EXTREM)" MINECO (PN de I+D+i 2008-2011, Subprograma de Proyectos de Investigación Fundamental)

Selection of recent publications (in the last 5 years):

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