The UBU leads a national network of nanotechnology research.

The University of Burgos leads a national network that joins half a dozen scientists specializing in the study of nanomaterials. Up to 14 research groups from universities and research centers across the country have joined in 'Multinanomat'.

This network integrates theoretical groups, engaged in the simulation, with other experimental markedly. Thus, it covers; nanomaterials study by "Multiscale technology from molecular design to implementation in atomic engineering."

More information: NANOSPAIN

El Correo de Burgos. 11/07/2012.

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Authors: Santiago Cuesta López, Oscar Tapia Júdez, Ekhi Arroyo Fernández de Leceta.

Funding by Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad.

Reference: MAT2011-15800-E.