MULTINANOMAT scientific network

MULTINANOMAT scientific network intends to merge efforts from different relevant scientific groups, both theoretical and experimental, to address, in a collaborative way and using combined methodologies, the following cutting-edge lines of research in the fields of Materials Science and Nanotechnology.

  • Magnetic Nanostructures and Materials.
  • "Self-healing" Nanostructured Materials.
  • Carbon Nanostructures and Graphene.
  • Multiscale Modelling Technology.
  • NanoBiotechnology and NanoBio-safety.


  • To intensify research and internacionalize knowledge within Spain and across the European Union.
  • To improve in the creation of collaborative and integrative links between the network members.
  • To use and share efficiently member's scientific and technical infrastructures (experimental and computational).
  • To promote the creation of multidisciplinary committees to improve the request of scientific projects via specific working sessions.
  • To attract research investments from private firms owing to the network's scientific topics.
  • To make easier the creation of relationships with other international thematic networks and to promote the interaction.
  • To encourage the scientific research in Nanotechnology based Materials with industrial applications, attracting new researchers to this field of knowledge.
  • To make easier the approaching of different experts spread across the geography of the national territory.
  • To improve the Ph.D. Student's academic training by approaching to different theoretical and experimental methodologies.

© Advanced Materials, Nuclear Technology and Applied Nanotechnology Department. University of Burgos.

Authors: Santiago Cuesta López, Oscar Tapia Júdez, Ekhi Arroyo Fernández de Leceta.

Funding by Ministerio de Economía y Competitividad.

Reference: MAT2011-15800-E.